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My life currently revolves around when I can paint next...
I was asked by Thomasville Center for the Arts to work on a big painting project. I have to create 15 portraits before I leave to go out of town in two weeks. I have to drive up to Thomasville photograph the people I'm painting, while a writer interviews them.
I'll put up details on the show once the Center puts them online.  The show will be at the end of April at the Center in Thomasville.

Silhouette Commission

I was commissioned this week by a friend of mine to make a silhouette of a six year old boy and to redo three other silhouettes that were done at a school, but were made with construction paper and had been damaged.  These are a really affordable, simple and striking way of creating your child's portrait.

If you are interested in having your silhouette created or in having one done of your child please send me a message and I would love to create one for you!

GUEST Room makeover

This past week I redid one of the bedrooms in our house. It is almost done. I'm going to make a couple paintings to go with everything. I'll post them when I get them done.

 AFTER: I painted a mural on the wall. I will be redoing the curtains eventually...but I haven't found the perfect fabric yet.

Recently Finished Commission: Panels

I was commissioned at the end of December to paint over some panels that were a little dated and had a lot of texture and raised shapes. After a lot of scraping, sanding, priming I got it all one level. 

I was asked to look to an artist named Kim Parker for inspiration in creating the front of these panels. She is a wonderful painter that creates beautiful paintings of flowers.

Gesso is a thick white paint that I put down before painting the flowers and the background color. I will be putting a varnish over the whole thing once the oil paint dries completely to keep the colors vibrant and make it easy to clean.

The back of the panels was a plain color that was very dull. The client really likes orange and red and she gave me a little freedom to create whatever I had time to do on the back. This is what I came up with....I hope she likes it! Or there might be After: AFTER pictures. The back panels are painted with semi gloss paint so it will be very easy to clean.  Another nice thing a…

Office Mural

I was hired to paint some insects, a mouse and a bird in an office today.  I painted them with the assistance of some stencils and I added details and shading.

More nursery paintings

It is so exciting to see how a painting can make a nursery special and unique. It is a great solution if you are not wanting to make the commitment to paint directly on the wall. Paintings on canvas don't need to be framed, they can be painted over and easily stored.

Nursery Painting

Painting for a friends nursery.