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Nativity commission

I was commissioned to create this painting depicting the nativity. 
I enjoyed painting it as it got me thinking about the upcoming Christmas season.   Since it was all in blue it was a different process compared to my usual paintings that have are predominately in red.
If you are interested in having a painting done as a gift during this Christmas season, please let me know. Any commissions would need to be made before the 10th of December to be done in time for Christmas.
 (Please excuse the shadows from the leaves outside.)
 Close up of the manger
Finished painting!  What I especially like about this painting is when you are far away you cannot make out exactly the inside of the manger, but it draws you in to want to see the details of inside the manger.

Commissioned Portrait

At the beginning of June I was asked to paint a portrait and two line drawings of the man seen below.

I enjoyed painting this, it was challenging because all I had as a reference was a small photograph.

Painting a portrait can be a tricky thing because the slightest stroke off can change the entire appearance of the person. Thankfully the man that hired me liked the painting and gave my work some of the nicest compliments I've ever had!

Are you looking to have a portrait done? This portrait took about 3 weeks from when I started it to when it was dry to be able to deliver. This painting is 12x16 and painted in oil paint. Please see some of my other work for examples of subject matter other than portraits I have done.

Line Drawing Commission

I have been commissioned this past month to draw this 8x10 line drawing.
I am also being commissioned to create a painting of this man. I am in the middle of painting it and will post a picture of it when it is completed.
If you are interested in having a line drawing done, an 8 x 10 line drawing would cost $35.00.  
If you are interested in having a painting done please contact me.

Baby girl painting

My friend and I threw an Anne of Green Gables themed baby shower for a sweet friend of ours and I painted this for her girls room.
 This painting is of a scene from the Anne of Green Gables movie.
This painting is a lot different then my usual subject matter, but I enjoyed painting it and most of all I am glad that it worked well for the room. One thing this painting brought to my attention is I need to continue to practice painting landscapes so I can get better at them.
Here is a picture of the painting in the room, I love how it looks with the color of the wall and the lighting is better in this picture.
If you are interested in having a painting done for you or for a gift please contact me. I am reasonably priced and can work within your budget to make a great painting for whatever you may need.

See this page for more nursery paintings I have done
See this page for portraits I have done…

Painting for baby girl

It has been a really long time since I have posted or completed a painting. I made this really small painting for my friend who is expecting. I couldn't get a very good picture of the painting.
 I made the painting to match part of the baby's bedding. I currently have two paintings in progress and I hope to have them done in the next couple months, but I've been having a hard time with the motivation to finish them. December is also a painting free month because my painting corner in the house is taken up by the Christmas tree.