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Anne and flowers

I recently painted a series inspired by Anne of Green Gables. A buyer from out of state commissioned these after finding this very blog and seeing my previous work.
She has commissioned  five additional compositions containing scenes from the book.
I painted the work twice.  I am too appalled by the first one I made to show it to you. Let it be said that it is just horrible and I am glad I started over. Thankfully the other paintings started better than this one. 

 Close up of face
Detail of the flowers
 I am very happy with how the finished piece turned out and I am excited to be working on the rest of these paintings. I love this book so much, it makes me want to get the book out and get reading (when I should probably be painting!).

Bathroom painting

Sometimes a composition is purely for fun. Here is a whimsical painting for a family friend, Bathman is for her boys bathroom.

I've got sun shine on a cloudy day

Another fun painting celebrating a new life! For this nursery commission, the parents wanted gray and yellow to be the color scheme, have the words "I've got sun shine on a cloud day." Simple images and bold words turned out great.

Sometimes, simplicity provides the greatest effects, which is seen here. The contrast on the wording really brought out the whole idea behind the concept!

This painting is painted in oil paints on a 18x24 canvas.

 Close ups of the canvas.

Make a wish painting

There's something special about creating a composition for a celebration. A family is bringing someone new into their home, and this shows the little girls wish. This painting helps commemorate overcoming challenges in life with our eyes fixed on our dreams before us.

This painting was very challenging being so much detail on a 12x16 canvas, yet the overall effect proved to be worth it.

Proverbs 31:25 Baby Shower Present

One of the joys to me is celebrating life with the loved ones around me. Custom nursery art allows me to bless others and explore my art ability at the same time. From a theme comprising Proverbs 31:25, as well as the room colors, I created the gift seen below.

 There were several attempts at finding the perfect word color, before matching the color to her baby bedding.
 To make this composition perfectly feminine yet not overtly girly, the flowers were limited to a select few, strong examples.

Seeing the final product heightens the anticipation of seeing the new little one who will enjoy this for years!

Commissioned Jungle Animal Painting

A good friend of mine commissioned me to create a painting for a nursery themed around jungle animals.
With few requirements, my creativity was allowed to design the following.

Here are some detail shots.

If you need that special gift, truly custom and unique, let's talk about what I can create for you.

I love you to the moon and back painting

I created this painting as a gift for a friend of mine that is about to have a baby. 
When I asked her what she wanted she chose this image. This is a really simple image, which meant it had to be perfect! It took lots of coats of paint to create a solid look without brush strokes.  I used a combination of acrylic paints and oil paints for this painting. The size of this painting is 18x24.

 Here is the painting at the baby shower. I made the decorations for the shower to match the gray and yellow of the painting.  I'm so excited for this new baby to get here, it is fun to create special paintings for expecting friends.
If you have a friend who is expecting a new addition to their family please consider having a painting done for them. If you are interested in commissioning me to do a painting for you email me at or comment on this post. Thank you!