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And though she be but little she is fierce.

I made these for a first time mom to be who I wasn't sure what she wanted. I had asked this sweet couple what they would like for their baby girl and they really were not sure what direction to take with their nursery. At the suggestion of one of my very smart friends I checked out her Pinterest board for her new baby. I saw this quote and this arrow like design throughout her board and decided this is what I was going to do for them. The challenge was that I had less than a week to get it done because her baby shower was the following week! These paintings were very different from most of the paintings I have done. In the end I enjoyed completing them. I found it very relaxing to do the shapes and colors. It was almost an adult coloring book, so popular currently .
Thankfully I got the words right on my first try.

 I love how all three paintings look together.  Here is a close up of one of the paintings.
 Here are the paintings up at her baby shower.  Diaper cake I made for he…

Proverbs 31:30

Each family is unique in their desires for a nursery painting. This mother wanted Proverbs 31:30 as well as some flowers for her baby-girl's nursery.   Text can be difficult to make look smooth and not too thick. After a couple tries I was able to accomplish that which I was after.  The flowers were fun and fairly simple, but work well with the text.

Do you have a favorite quote or verse you would like painted? Contact me for details on how to have a painting commissioned.

Anne of Green Gables in a field

Another dear friend is having a baby girl and here is another painting! I started this painting during the summer for another project. This was a piece I worked on, shelved for some time, unsure of the direction of the work. The owner is a big fan of Anne of Green Gables and I've completed previous work along this theme for her. She thought this painting, once finished,would work well in her new girls' nursery.  Here is a picture of the overall effect, followed by detail photos. This painting is oils on canvas and is 16"x20".
One of the most challenging parts is Anne's face. It is very small and the slightest line out of place makes her face look wrong. I'm pretty happy with how it ended up turning out.
 I don't often get the opportunity to paint landscapes and this was fun to play around with the different textures of the landscape.
I'm so excited for my friend to welcome her newest blessing. If you are looking for a special lasting gift for a frie…