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Commissioned Portrait

At the beginning of June I was asked to paint a portrait and two line drawings of the man seen below.

I enjoyed painting this, it was challenging because all I had as a reference was a small photograph.

Painting a portrait can be a tricky thing because the slightest stroke off can change the entire appearance of the person. Thankfully the man that hired me liked the painting and gave my work some of the nicest compliments I've ever had!

Are you looking to have a portrait done? This portrait took about 3 weeks from when I started it to when it was dry to be able to deliver. This painting is 12x16 and painted in oil paint. Please see some of my other work for examples of subject matter other than portraits I have done.

Line Drawing Commission

I have been commissioned this past month to draw this 8x10 line drawing.
I am also being commissioned to create a painting of this man. I am in the middle of painting it and will post a picture of it when it is completed.
If you are interested in having a line drawing done, an 8 x 10 line drawing would cost $35.00.  
If you are interested in having a painting done please contact me.