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Rambutan fruit

Here is a recently commissioned painting of Rambutan fruit. This painting is oil paint on canvas. It gave me some difficulty with the composition, but once I got it figured out it turned out really well.

 In the painting, the colors are really fun and I enjoyed all details that went into it.

Pink floral paintings

My friend asked me to help get her ready for her coming baby girl. These two paintings are simple and make a great addition to a little girls room. These are great because they are not too childish and will grow with the little girl.

 This one ended up being my favorite one. I really enjoy how the flowers turned out.

 Can't wait to meet this sweet baby girl and see her room all put together with her paintings hanging up.

Fear Not

Fear not for I am with you, Be not dismayed. For I am your God. I will strengthen you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10 My dear friend was moving away and I wanted to give her something to encourage her. This is the verse she chose and the color flowers she wanted. I love this verse for how it points my friend to the only One Who can truly help her and comfort her in this time of transition. This painting is on a 16x20 canvas and is painted with Acrylic paints and oils.

If you ever need a gift to encourage someone dear in your life, let's see if we can't design the perfect gift!

Sweet monkey painting

I recently completed this fun painting for a baby girl who will be making an appearance soon. The mom to be asked for a painting of a monkey and then she decided on this idea.
 The painting with it's new owner. This painting became the inspiration for the baby shower I threw for this sweet mom. I used pink, white and yellow for the colors for the shower.

Beach scene

My sweet friend had a baby several months ago and was in town visiting recently.  My friend asked for a beach scene with three silhouettes. This was the desired outcome.
 There was a bad glare on my painting on this one so the following one is better without the glare.

This is an oil painting on an 8"x15" canvas.


At the beginning of the summer, I was commissioned to paint this scene for a returning customer . It's rare to find such a wonderful supporter of the arts. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to paint this scene.  This is an oil painting on a 24"x30" canvas.

Originally, the crowd didn't have any facial features, but my customer felt it needed the detail to complete it. The finished product certainly shows this to be true.

Here is a shot of the painting farther away to give some perspective.

She speaks with wisdom

A sweet family from church had a little girl and to celebrate I painted Scripture for the nursery. The gift of art to new or growing families is the highlight of what I do.

The Couple requested Psalm 31:26 (Their first daughter's artwork centered on Psalm 31:25. To see more about this painting you can go to ): The hope of a kind and encouraging daughter truly influenced this piece at all levels.

 The girls may share a room in the future, so I wanted to paint something  unique and special for daughter two, but something that would also compliment her older sister's painting.

The text/background interplay with light and dark was fantastic!
Considering the gift of art, for your own wee ones or a growing family you love? Contact me to begin creating a work that's lasting and cherished today!

World Traveler

My sister has lived in amazing places in her life. To commemorate such adventures, she commissioned the following map. She'll put picture frames showing all the places they have lived around the canvas. The continents spoke to the limitlessness of where they could go as a family, and the colors mimicked the vastly different cultures and situations in which they had survived and thrived. This one was especially fun because I have tracked all their adventures as they've moved, and I thoroughly  enjoyed creating a focal point for their realization and remembrances of these times.
 Here are two different shots with different lighting. This canvas is 30"x24" on stretched canvas, painted in oils.
 This was such a fun painting to do with all the bright colors.

If you would like art that represents your own adventures message me for details.