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Southern Collectors BIG and small April 21-May 21

SOUTHERN COLLECTORS BIG and small Exhibit Thomasville Center for the Arts Thomasville, GA April 21 - May 21
From portraits to pitchers, these pieces are held dear to each collector's heart, and are often celebrated in their homes. Writer, Bunny Byrne and I collaborated to celebrate collections and collectors from the South Georgia and North Florida area. (Part of this text is taken from the Thomasville Center for the Arts show booklet)
This is a really interesting show at the Thomasville Center for the Arts in Thomasville, Georgia.  Almost all of the collectors were able to come to the opening.  It was great to see everyone with their portraits, the writings by Bunny and the collections. The people at the Center for the Arts did a wonderful job getting this show together. I hope from the pictures you can see what a great job they did putting the collections together with the writings and the portraits.  You really need to make it to Thomasville to see this art show.  Thomasville i…

SPRING INTO ART: You win some, you lose some

Yesterday was the opening gala for the Spring into Art show in Valdosta, GA. I loaded up my one year old and we set off to the show and in the back of my mind I was hoping I had won something, for my pride and to bring home a pretty check. The show had so many artists showing it was amazing and the turnout was great! My son and I could barely make it around to see all the art, it was so crowded.

When they announced the winners I tried to stay positive and upbeat upon not winning anything. We didn't get to see the winners artwork because at this point we had been similar to sardines for close to an hour and a half and my son had reached his limit on being touched by strangers. We left and upon calling my husband to let him know we were on our way home I realized I was not upbeat, but being a sore loser. My husband encouraged me and asked me what my purpose in painting is or even entering the show. In my pride, wanting to have money, and after a long drive with my one year old I had…

Critique of Southern Collectors Paintings

Having your work critiqued can be quite difficult at times. I had the opportunity to work with a writer who gives the best constructive feedback I have had in a really long time. She didn't nit pick, but rather gave helpful advice and things I could change in the paintings.

Having to complete these paintings so quickly having her help was essential in getting the works done. I was  asked by the Thomasville Center for the Arts to complete this project. Before I left to go to Taiwan they asked to see my progress on the paintings. Unfortunately they weren't able to see them in person, but I was able to send them photos of the paintings. Most of the Southern collectors they know very well and some of the women I am working with are actually collectors themselves. While the Center is not commissioning me to paint these portraits I did want them to be pleased with the finished portraits. There is a delicate balance when painting any commission between pleasing the patron and no…

The Art of Chinese Brush Painting

I had the opportunity to have a Chinese painting class from a wonderful teacher my sister knows. The woman that taught us is amazing! She does everything from teaching painting to being a tour guide.

When looking at the bamboo paintings one may think it simple and easy to paint them. It is not easy at all! There is a fine art to the whole process of making these beautiful paintings. I was privileged to learn how to make bamboo and a flowering tree.

I'm hoping to keep practicing and make my teacher proud!

Upcoming Shows

This month is a busy month and I have two shows in Georgia. The Spring Into Art Exhibit is in Valdosta, GA and the opening is April 8th showing two of my paintings. The Southern Collectors Show will open April 21st in Thomasville, GA showing fourteen of my paintings.

Spring Into Art
The show will run from April 6-June 8th.
Turner Center or the Arts
527 N Patterson Street
Valdosta, GA 31602  Opening Gala is April 8th from 6-9pm Southern Collectors Big and small
Big collectors: Thomasville Center for the Arts
Small collectors: Lapham Patterson House

Sunday April 21- May 17
Coffee and tea reception April 21 from 2-5pm at the Thomasville Center for the Arts