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Artwork for Super Hero Day at Chickfila!

I was hired by a local Chick-fil-a in town to paint their windows for their Super Hero Day event next Saturday. It is a great event celebrating the local police, EMT, Fire Department and military. People can dress up like Super Hero's and meet some Super Hero's and eat chicken! Last Year I was hired by Chick-fil-a to paint the windows and large superhero banner's.  (Click Link to see post from last year This year they were able to reuse the banners and I painted the windows again with military emblems and public service emblems.
 In total it took about 12 hours to do everything.  I drew on poster board the emblems ahead of time to hopefully save time at the store and prevent spacing issues. I taped the poster board on the other side of the glass and then I outlined all the lines in black and began filling in with colors. I removed the poster board and painted white on the other side of the glass to …