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Sweet monkey painting

I recently completed this fun painting for a baby girl who will be making an appearance soon. The mom to be asked for a painting of a monkey and then she decided on this idea.
 The painting with it's new owner. This painting became the inspiration for the baby shower I threw for this sweet mom. I used pink, white and yellow for the colors for the shower.

Beach scene

My sweet friend had a baby several months ago and was in town visiting recently.  My friend asked for a beach scene with three silhouettes. This was the desired outcome.
 There was a bad glare on my painting on this one so the following one is better without the glare.

This is an oil painting on an 8"x15" canvas.


At the beginning of the summer, I was commissioned to paint this scene for a returning customer . It's rare to find such a wonderful supporter of the arts. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to paint this scene.  This is an oil painting on a 24"x30" canvas.

Originally, the crowd didn't have any facial features, but my customer felt it needed the detail to complete it. The finished product certainly shows this to be true.

Here is a shot of the painting farther away to give some perspective.