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Barn Quilt Square

I was commissioned to paint this Barn Quilt Square to be displayed on the side of a house next to a pool.   A piece of wood that was 3 feet by 3 feet and the colors were to match her house and the Terra Cotta tiles was requested. The last color could be one I chose to compliment the other two. 
I have not done something like this before, but was excited to give it a try. I typically work in oils so I started this in oils and got some clear varnish to seal this from the elements as it would be displayed outside.

 My husband did some research after I had completed the painting and we found out I shouldn't varnish it for six or so months. Due to extreme Florida heat and the paints not fully being set it could create a bad combination and ruin the painting.
 Since I was pretty sure six months was too long to wait to have this finished I decided to start over. Back to the hardware store for more plywood and I painted the board with acrylic paint.   Acrylic paint turned out to be much …