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Five little paintings for a special baby boy

A sweet friend is having a baby boy and one of my favorite things to do for close friends is to paint them something for their nursery. She gave me five images to work from and I gave her one painting as a gift and she commissioned me to do the other four paintings.
These paintings are each 8" x 8" and painted in oils on canvas.

This is the painting I chose to give my friend for her gift. I really enjoyed the way all the colors came out in this one.

This painting proved to be a bit challenging at first because there was so much going on and I had to simplify it and still show depth.
Close ups of this painting.

Tree painting was fun to do and I enjoyed all the movement in the tree trunks.

This blue painting is my favorite one I think. It was in some ways the hardest to do and get all the different tones of blue. My favorite part in this painting are all the little birds. Close up of the blue painting. (Love those birds!)
Green Swamp Painting This painting is still a little w…