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One of the greatest joys is celebrating life with the gift of art. A sweet couple from church is expecting their first baby. Upon finding out it was a girl, I immediately began to inquire some of their interests. They enjoy Psalms 139:14-15 and another verse in Psalms, and were planning a  room theme around "You are my Sunshine" in grays and yellows. Sunflowers were also discussed.

When I tried their chosen verses, it just wouldn't fit. The text was hardly legible due to so many words in a limited space. In the end, selecting these two verses enhanced the composition, while keeping true to the heart of the matter.

Text isn't my specialty, but I am pleased with the outcome. The internet doesn't do the color justice (it never does), and the verse is just perfect for welcoming a new little girl into the world.

 This painting is 18"x24" painted in oils on canvas. Art makes a unique and lasting gift for the parents-to-be, newlyweds, etc. If you are inter…