Southern Collectors BIG and small April 21-May 21

Thomasville Center for the Arts
Thomasville, GA
April 21 - May 21

From portraits to pitchers, these pieces are held dear to each collector's heart, and are often celebrated in their homes. Writer, Bunny Byrne and I collaborated to celebrate collections and collectors from the South Georgia and North Florida area. (Part of this text is taken from the Thomasville Center for the Arts show booklet)
The team that made the writing and painting happen!

French doll collector
This is a really interesting show at the Thomasville Center for the Arts in Thomasville, Georgia.  Almost all of the collectors were able to come to the opening.  It was great to see everyone with their portraits, the writings by Bunny and the collections. The people at the Center for the Arts did a wonderful job getting this show together. I hope from the pictures you can see what a great job they did putting the collections together with the writings and the portraits.  You really need to make it to Thomasville to see this art show.  Thomasville is such a great town, if I could live there I would...maybe someday.

Each of these paintings took about a day or two to complete due to the time constraint I was under.  I am pleased with all the final products, but I think that if I had had more time they could have been better.  When painting a portrait there is always the chance they won't care for how they are portrayed by someone else, in this case how I paint them. As an artist the way I see people may be different then how they see themselves.  Thankfully most of the collectors enjoyed their portraits.

I have learned so much from this experience and once again I have seen even in some of the difficulties of this project God's continued grace and provision in seeing this show through to completion.  I am very thankful Thomasville asked me to work on this project with them and I hope to continue to get commissions and maybe even work with the Thomasville Center for the Arts again.

Tie Collector
Land Rover Collector

Palissy collector
Collection of Palissy ware
Southern Collectors Art Show

Husband and baby at the art show!
At the art show opening

Artesania Riconanda Collector

Foo Dog Collector
Vintage Clothing collector with her painting
Vintage Clothing Collector, one of my favorite paintings!

Madame Alexander Doll Collector

Lapham-Patterson House
Artwork by Clay Byars and writings by Jennifer Westfield
Lapham-Patterson House

Like so many of the houses in Thomasville this house is full of history and is beautiful on the inside with its multiple staircases and nooks and crannies.

This was an amazing collector who was so passionate about his collection, he was surrounded by people listening to him talk about his banjo that he cut and forged.

Here is an example from this show. This is a photograph by the artist, the writing underneath the photograph and in the case below the writing are watches.


  1. The dress collector is def. One of my favorites as well. Particularly when she's standing next to her picture. Awesome job!!


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