Critique of Southern Collectors Paintings

BEFORE: This woman wasn't pleased being so small against the pitcher.

 Having your work critiqued can be quite difficult at times. I had the opportunity to work with a writer who gives the best constructive feedback I have had in a really long time. She didn't nit pick, but rather gave helpful advice and things I could change in the paintings.
AFTER: Painted over with her face instead of showing her entire self.

Having to complete these paintings so quickly having her help was essential in getting the works done. I was  asked by the Thomasville Center for the Arts to complete this project. Before I left to go to Taiwan they asked to see my progress on the paintings. Unfortunately they weren't able to see them in person, but I was able to send them photos of the paintings. Most of the Southern collectors they know very well and some of the women I am working with are actually collectors themselves. While the Center is not commissioning me to paint these portraits I did want them to be pleased with the finished portraits. There is a delicate balance when painting any commission between pleasing the patron and not giving in on what you believe is best for your art. I battled with this on this project. In the end I think it all turned out very well.

BEFORE: I enjoyed this one, but some of the facial features were awkward and with the lack of time I wasn't able to make it look the way it should have.
AFTER: I completely changed the composition.

BEFORE: This one was just horrible, for some reason I just couldn't get her face correct and it looks nothing like the subject except maybe her hair.
AFTER: So much better! This one just took my being away from it for two weeks for it to come together when I came back.

BEFORE: The critique on this one was that her hair was not long enough and there was some things off about her face.
AFTER: Hair longer and face fixed!


  1. You are so talented Katie!

  2. I thought the originals were fantastic...then I saw the your edits. Just spectacular.

    1. Thanks! In some ways I'm glad for the limited time frame to make these paintings, but I think all the paintings could have been a lot better if I had had more time.


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